Do you want to image an exposed brain? Read our new paper!

Neurosurgical practice provides rare and direct access to the exposed human brain, which is otherwise safely hidden under the skull and dura. This exposure provides a unique opportunity for both neuroscientific as well as clinical goals, especially when harnessing techniques which have limited transcranial penetrability. How do we fully harness this potential? Which techniques are


Sadaf Soloukey Wins Best Paper Award

We are very proud of Sadaf Soloukey who won the prestigious Best Student Paper Award of the 2022 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium in Venice, Italy. Her paper describes a new sub-spectrum Doppler analysis method for processing functional ultrasound data.


CUBE-Clinic publishes its first paper in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Imaging Live Brain Activity During Awake Brain Surgery: A new application of functional Ultrasound (fUS) now enables maximum safe brain tumor resection The CUBE-clinic team has managed to image live cerebral blood flow during awake brain surgery using functional Ultrasound (fUS). This cutting-edge technique could aid neurosurgeons in their effort to remove brain tumors without