Who we are

CUBE stands for “Center for Ultrasound and Brain imaging at Erasmus MC”

CUBE is the first dedicated ultrasound center in the world and is a multidisciplinary ensemble of three Dutch institutions united by the singular purpose of unveiling the mysteries of the human brain:

Erasmus Medical CenterDepartment of Neuroscience (Lead), Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Neurosurgery, Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam

Delft University of TechnologyLaboratory of Acoustical Wavefield Imaging

Netherlands Institute for NeuroscienceGazzola Group

Our mission

To understand the brain using ultrasound imaging

In CUBE, we are busy developing new ultrasound-probe technologies, deploying a unique High-Performance Computing cluster for imaging and data-analytics purposes, and – finally – building dedicated neuroscience labs for fundamental research as well as portable ultrasound scanners for clinical research.

All CUBE efforts are concentrated in three distinct research directions:


Whole-brain functional imaging

Most of the tools available for high-resolution interrogation of the brain, force us to consider small regions of the brain at once, making it difficult to consider the bigger picture. Until today…


Image-guided neurosurgery

Neurosurgeons continuously face life-altering decisions in an intra-operative setting. The imaging techniques that can guide them in making these decisions can be just as life-altering. 

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Next-generation ultrasound technology

We aim to push the boundaries of what is currently possible by employing unique functional ultrasound imaging systems powered by local high performance computing and embedded electronics.


Participants and Supporters