Image-guided Neurosurgery

Image-guided Neurosurgery

fUS in the OR

Neurosurgeons continuously face life-altering decisions in an intra-operative setting. The imaging techniques that can guide them in making these decisions can be just as life-altering.

Our multidisciplinary team of innovative clinicians, neuroscientists and engineers is working towards revolutionizing current neurosurgical practice by developing functional ultrasound as the new tool in image-guided neurosurgery.

Oncological neurosurgery is an example of a speciality which relies heavily on making continuous, intra-operative tumor-brain delineations. Currently available imaging and mapping techniques such as (f)MRI, DTI and ESM present with serious limitations including lack of real-time intra-operative feedback, lack of depth resolution and risks of epileptic seizure elicitation. Functional ultrasound (fUS) presents as a new mobile neuro-imaging tool with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution, which allows for possible identification of tumor borders based on vascular strucuture, as well as a distinction between healthy functional and unhealthy tumor tissue, based on differences in vascular response during particular functional tasks performed by the patient.

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