Image by CUBE was selected for FENS new website

“Finding The Brain Tumor’s Achilles Heel” by Sadaf Soloukey et al. 2020, was selected as one of the 15 images to be displayed in the FENS new website. It will also be shared via Instagram and Twitter.

This image shows a 3D-reconstruction of a Low Grade Glioma (LGG), taken from a patient’s brain during awake surgery using the brand new technique of ‘functional Ultrasound’ (fUS) developed within CUBE. The brain tumor’s vasculature seems to originate completely from a single vessel of origin – its Achilles heel- arborizing into a larger tree-like structure. Never before have surgeons or researchers had access to an in-vivo vascular map of the human brain with such level of detail (300 µm) and imaging depth (5 cm). fUS has the potential to revolutionize surgical, neuroscientific as well as oncological practice – just by showing us what has always been there.

The FENS-ENJ Image Competition was held for the first time in 2020. Over 80 Images were submitted, from a wide range of topics.